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Excellence Reglazing  

Fully Licenced and Insured

Since 2008

Fully Insured and Licenced in the proper qualification
D-12 CA Lic. # 922072

Elevate your space with long lasting quality and profecional craftsmanship from Excellence Reglazing

Our Process 

Our Tub Reglazing Refinishing process is unmatched in both quality and durability. With over 15 years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to give your tub a long-lasting finish that looks beautiful. Our work is backed by a 5-year warranty, so you can trust that our professional team will provide the best results possible.

We Cover all floors, and furniture near to the project with tarps and plastic for protection of any overspray.

Protect Floors and surroundings 


Removing old caulk ensures finish durability.

If previous finish is precent and failing, gets removed. 

Remove Caulk


Upon request we can remove fixtures such faucets, overflow caps, valve covers etc. This ensures finish to be applied behind fixtures.

We can also mask and tape them achieving the same look and  performance.

Shower Fixtures


Surface to be reglazed is cleaned in multiple stages and a number of different materials to ensure proper adhesion. 

Surface Cleaning


Surface is completely dried.​

Any imperfections as chips, cracks and dips get filled insuring a smooth and uniform surface.

Dry and Fill Imperfections


Professionally mask and tape item to be refinished to protect adjacent surfaces such floors or walls.

Mask and tape


Double check surface to ensure there are no imperfections and its completely dry and clean.

Double Check


Make any additional repairs.

Extra Repairs


Install if possible, our exhaust system to extract fumes and odor to the outside.

Fumes Extraxion


Apply two coats of our specially formulated primer (bonding agent).

Primer Aplication


Apply two coats of our exclusive finish.

Finish Coat Application


Remove masking paper and tape, clean all around work area.

Clean up


We will ask you to check the job. You don't have to pay us unless you are completely satisfied with our job.

Approval Request


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